We bring recovery, advocacy, and support to those negatively impacted by the criminal legal system.

The problem


Together, we can change a system that was designed to fail our people.

Most people with criminal arrest records lack access to the basic resources needed to live healthy and successful lives. This is especially true for those with histories of trauma, substance use, and mental health conditions. Without support, many face patterns of crises that lead to rearrest. 

1 in

Americans have an arrest record

1 %

of arrests are linked to behavioral health conditions

1 K

Floridians are incarcerated

$ 0 M

spent annually on corrections in South Florida

Together, we’re changing lives.

Florida jails and prisons where we serve and organize

people served since 2018


avoided relapse and rearrest

 individuals responded to our call to action

* The data in this image was accurate as of Feb. 2022. The metrics are the result of an internal audit that was conducted by using our participant and engagement records.