We Recover


Peers Optimistically Working to End Recidivism

Who We Serve

Chainless Change is committed to systems change efforts that center the health, safety, and human rights of justice-impacted people with behavioral health conditions. Our work is equity-driven, and we aim to ensure those who struggle with multiple oppressed identities, language barriers, and disabilities are provided with access to our services and support. 

POWER serves individuals in Broward and Miami-Dade Counties.

How We Serve

POWER is Chainless Change’s central program, serving those who are justice-involved and have behavioral health conditions. Reducing recidivism rates and behavioral health-related crises often requires collective efforts from peers, families, and community organizations.

POWER utilizes proven strategies for reducing recidivism and promoting recovery by providing justice-involved persons with the resources and tools needed to be successful after contact with the criminal legal system. Our approach of combining peer support, mutual aid, recovery support services, and emergency housing assistance improves individual and community health, while addressing the conditions that often contribute to high rates of re-arrest, relapse, crises and death.

Our Peer Support Specialists complete ongoing training that is rooted in evidence-based practices and often administered by national and statewide credentialing bodies. All Peer Support Specialists at Chainless Change have histories of justice-involvement and behavioral health conditions.

We don't judge. We support.