We Resist


Community Advocates Mobilizing for POWER

In order to create long-term social change, we recognize we must challenge and dismantle the harmful systems and institutions that oppress our communities. We believe there should be greater accountability and transparency from government and a clear commitment from our leaders to take decisive actions that will end overcriminalization and mass incarceration. We fight for abolishing systems that cause harm, especially the prison industrial complex.

No decisions about us without us.

CAMP is a community-rooted organizing base aimed at challenging injustice, mass incarceration, and the abuses of power within the criminal legal system. Our base consists of people who are justice-impacted, community organizers, professionals, and volunteers who share our values. Chainless Change engages in movement-building with the goal of creating actionable plans that increase access to resources, opportunities, and protect the basic human rights of those who are justice-involved. 

By leveraging community relationships through CAMP, we provide our POWER program participants and their families with access to the knowledge they need to effectively advocate for just outcomes. We advocate for community stakeholders to create lasting change that prioritizes care over cages, housing and healthcare over handcuffs, books over bars, and jobs over jails.

In addition to our campaign work, CAMP houses other initiatives that will improve the lives of those impacted by the criminal legal system. 

Fee Justice

Chainless Change is committed to ending the harmful practice of penalizing people for being poor. Our fines and fees work collaborates with individuals and community-based organizations to address court-sanctioned legal financial obligations, government user fees, and jail communication costs. By eliminating fee-based policies and practices, we increase access to communication, transportation, housing, employment, occupational licensing and the overall right to lead a fulfilling life.

Those in need of assistance with unpaid court debt receive support that addresses their personal issues and are trained to advocate for systems change.

Contact us if you or someone you know has been affected by unpaid court debt.

To learn more about our fines and fees work please visit feejustice.org. →

Walking One-Stop

Walking One-Stop, started in 2010 by Wayne Rawlins, is a community collaborative that organizes and delivers resources through a door-to-door outreach strategy. Our Walking One-stop is comprised of agencies offering childcare, legal aid, healthcare, employment services, entrepreneurship development, educational and vocational training, food resources, rental and utility assistance, trauma services, substance abuse treatment, and more. Its purpose is to promote self-sufficiency by educating communities about local programs and increasing access to the transformative resources they need.

Circle of Change

Launched in 2021 as a response to increased social isolation in local correctional facilities, Circle of Change is a letter-writing campaign aimed at establishing and preserving the social bonds between people who are incarcerated and their communities. This small act of care goes a long way in building relationships amongst community members and people who are incarcerated.