Our Outlook

Deeply rooted in the value of lived experience, Chainless Change is a community of recovery, advocacy, and support for those negatively impacted by the criminal legal system.
We desire to live in a world where individuals and communities can recover — without being harmed by systemic and structural oppression.
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We Are Person-Centered

Every participant and team member has unique strengths, interests, and lived experiences. Chainless Change empowers communities by placing agency in the hands of those we serve and supporting each person’s individual journey towards a stable and fulfilling life.

We Are Community-Driven

Mass incarceration and recidivism have devastating and disproportionate effects on minority and underserved communities, as well as those with histories of behavioral health. Our work ensures that those who struggle are provided with equitable access to our services and support. Those whom we serve inform our programs and actions.

We Center Lived Experience

People with arrest records, especially those with histories of behavioral health, are often barred from opportunities in employment, civic engagement, and philanthropy. Chainless Change employs and invests in the leadership of system-impacted people to ensure that they receive support and access to equal opportunities.

We Are Rooted In Transformative Justice

Our work is not only focused on healing the wounds inflicted by the criminal legal system, but we also address the social conditions that lead to justice-involvement. For human beings to be well, our communities must be safe and properly resourced.

We Are Recovery-Oriented

Everyone deserves the opportunity and resources to achieve their hopes, goals and aspirations, regardless of behavioral health conditions and trauma history. We support our participants in achieving long-term, holistic wellness, with their most authentic wants and needs at the forefront of the recovery process.