We Reimagine

Decarcerate Broward

We envision a world where the prison industrial complex no longer exists: a world free of police-sanctioned violence, incarceration, and censorship, where communities have the resources needed to keep their people safe and healthy.

The Decarcerate Broward Coalition advocates to end the harmful practices of carceral systems, protect the human rights of justice-involved persons, reduce jail populations, implement health-centered policies and increase investment in community-based alternatives to incarceration.     

In the spring of 2020 the Decarcerate Broward Coalition was formed with the purpose of creating strategies that increase alternatives to incarceration, advocating for resources that reduce recidivism, and promoting transparency and accountability regarding incidence of negligence, violence and abuse by law enforcement agencies in Broward County, FL.

Decarcerate began as a short-term campaign consisting of protests, coalition-building, and other direct action strategies to amplify the concerns of those impacted by the criminal legal system. Decarcerate Broward has developed into a growing effort that consists of members from over 21 grassroots organizations. The Coalition structure is made up of multiple workgroups, each led by justice-impacted individuals and our allies.

To create alternatives that work for our people- America must defund the police, stop surveilling communities and abolish correctional facilities. This means reducing the scope, budget and authority of law enforcement. Furthermore, there must be an investment in transformative community-based resources to address the social conditions that contribute to high rates of poverty, crime and recidivism.